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Cleaning Painting Equipment

Cleaning paint equipment includes not only brushes and rollers but also reusable drop cloths, paint cans, containers and roller pans. 

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Application of Epoxy

Retek Floor epoxy systems are designed to provide protection, easy to clean and maintain to new and existing concrete floors.

Facts about Retek Epoxy

| Epoxy floor coatings provide your old or new floors with a new shimmer and shine. If a floor in your business or home is looking worn down, you can give it an amazing, durable finish.

Paint Colour Trends we support

Most people dread going paint hunting and the associated “headache” of choosing the perfect colours. It is actually fun if you think about it for a while. Why limit yourself to what society wants when you can pick a colour that is unique to your preferences and taste.

5 Easy Tips to painting your home

The days of just slapping on paint to wall and waiting for it to dry is over. Through the years painting has evolved to such an extent, that to achieve the best quality paint job and make it last is, one has to prep thoroughly for the task. A lot of things needs to be taken into consideration when taking on the paint job like quality, quantity and painting equipment.

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